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I had to make the most difficult heartbreaking decision I hope to never have to make ever again and sent my sweet baby boy over the rainbow bridge.   After consulting with three other highly experienced trainers of both working dogs and pet dogs, a highly renowned trainer that travels the world educating and training with working dogs, my general vet and the specialty vet I use, they all came to the same conclusion that Iggy was just wired wrong.  Dogs like him are very rare and the majority will never meet one like him in their lifetime.

He was born hard wired with a lot of aggression - territorial, possessive, prey, resource, all of which are easily managed with training and modifications... the one aggression that couldn't be trained or modified was his predatory aggression.  He hated other animals, even the dogs he grew up with from his very beginning.  Signals were very subtle when he chose 'hunt' mode and his sole intention was to kill the other dog not just fight.  While I was successful at managing this for two years it was the way he was and he was dangerous.  I loved this boy with all my heart and knew he would be miserable living his life in a muzzle inside the house and outside not being able to play and carry his ball.  Too many people with off leash dogs in on leash areas without 'recall' cause their dog is friendly, and some of them are not!  He had too much aggression for police work and could not morally send him to live with someone else.  Management fails and accidents happen, after the last incident I knew I could not handle seeing him kill one of my other dogs or somebody else's.  He also held a lot of civil aggression towards strangers and kids, this was much easier to manage, as long as the management didn't fail there.  I will never be the same - I loved him so much but it wasn't enough to save him from himself!

Well Mr. Iggy is an extremely drivey boy, not just high energy!  Trying to teach him to cap his drive has slowed our competitive training, but his house manners have come along nicely!  Iggy possesses a zest for life that is unbeatable, since birth it has been hard to slow him down - always in drive.  My lovely Iggy is my problem child with his possessiveness and noise that comes along with such drive - he is teaching me immense patience!

Aside from all our struggles Iggy is an amazing boy!  Always gives 100%, very willing to work with me, he is a great little snuggler, super affectionate, and extremely handsome!  I look forward to our future achievements.

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