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  • Six foot social distancing

  • Only two handlers per dog


Four Month Program

3 Private Lessons + Weekly Drop In Classes + Monthly Group ObedienceWalks

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Start your puppy off on the right paw with 3 private training sessions that not only primes your puppy for the real world but also exceeds all the necessary information to raise a well-balanced and respectful companion.

Puppies between 8-16 weeks of age are in their optimum learning stage making this the extremely important learning time. They are observing everything that is going on around them, developing both wanted and unwanted habits.

During this time puppies are learning whether or not training is intentional!

The Puppy Prodigy Program covers:

  • Introduction to marker training

  • Motivational basic obedience (attention, loose-leash walking, sits, downs, recall & tricks) 

  • Extreme importance of socialization and the different kinds

  • Over-coming problem behaviours and basic preventatives (potty training, bite inhibition, chewing, etc.)

  • Good leadership skills

  • Engagement

  • Canine communication and manners

  • Health, Vaccinations,nutrition and exercise

  • Importance of play 

  • Crate train or not

  • 'On' and 'Off' switch

  • and so much more!

These personalized private training sessions will give you and your little canine companion a great head start to a fulfilling life long relationship.  Teach them to enjoy their obedience as much as they enjoy their tricks!

This is a four month program that includes weekly drop in classes, three private training lessons, two on-line using zoom and one in person lesson, plus monthly group obedience walks.  This will also help you into some of the challenging adolescence months of your puppy, giving you the tools to raise a well-adjusted respectful companion.

The monthly group obedience walks help further socialization and teaches how to incorporate mental stimulation during your walk to really tire your doggy out!

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