• Six foot social distancing

  • Masks may be mandatory at some classes

  • Only two handlers per dog

  • Maximum 7 dogs per class

*All Classes Are Currently Full*

Puppy Intro Obedience



On-Line Private Lesson + 7 Drop In Classes + Monthly Group Obedience Walks

Starts with a one hour on-line private lesson using zoom, this is in place of the traditional 'do not bring your pup to first class'.  Learning is optimized in the comfort of familiar surroundings before introducing them into distraction.


  • Common puppy problems will be discussed

  • Intro to marker training

  • Intro to basic obedience (sit, down, loose leash walking, wait, recall, and tricks).

  • Teach engagement

  • Exercise and Nutrition

  • Proper Socialization

  • Plus much more!


Seven consecutive weeks of drop in classes, if you miss a class you will not fall behind because of the initial private lesson, these include the monthly group obedience walks for added socialization.

Classes are held outdoors throughout North Burnaby for added socialization and exposure to new environments.


Serena Holmberg  C.P.D.T.  |  Certified Master Dog Trainer   

If you still have any questions regarding classes or services, please contact me.  or  Call: 778-319-3647

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