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KIVA - SchH / IPO 3, BH, AD, CGN, SG, CD, RN

Kiva's registered name is DIVA VOM HAUS JUROS, she comes from a long line of powerful german shepherd sport dogs.

I changed the 'D' to a 'K' because I couldn't see myself calling 'Diva' from across the park, it just isn't me.  Besides Kiva means beautiful too.

Kiva was only suppose to be temporary while I waited for a male puppy to be ready to leave the litter... she quickly stole my heart not just with her sheer beauty but with her playful michievious antics.  She has taught me, and continues to teach me, many lessons of training with and living with a true 'working lines' dog.  She is a very drivey GSD with energy to spare!

New to the sport of Schutzhund we are taking our time learning the sport, there is a lot to learn!  Kiva has earned her 'BH' title in June 2010, which consisted on a very long obedience routine.  First on-leash then again off-leash, and a temperment test.  She also earned her 'AD' title this past spring, April 2011.  This is an endurance test, bicycle ride 12 miles in 2 hours.  October 2011, Kiva earned her Schutzhund 1 title.  This was a very long day with tracking early in the morning, obedience routine before lunch, and protection work in the afternoon!  She happily gave it her all with success! 

Kiva earned her Schutzhund / IPO 2 recently in April 2013.  On top of that she received the High Obedience Trial Award, it is quite an accomplishment - I'm bursting with pride for my little girl!

Two weeks later, still in April 2013, she earned her Schutzhund / IPO 3!  This is the highest title in this sport and where we will continue to compete increasing our scores with experience. 

September 2013 Kiva passed her CGN (canine good neighbor) test!

Kiva has also earned herself a nickname of sorts, Otter X Coyote (a breed all her own!).  She loves to swim to retrieve her toy and all you see is her little head floating in the water, then when she gets out of the water her fur resembles otter hair - with the markings to boot.  Plus being a smaller sport GSD, children have asked if she was coyote (too funny!).

We plan to participate and earn titles in competitive obedience with the Canadian Kennel Club. Hopefully we'll earn titles in tracking too.  If there is time between Schutzhund and competitive obedience I'd also like to dabble in agility with her.

I wanted a serious sport dog with no limitations and that is exactly what she is plus so much more!

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