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Certified Master Dog Trainer

Growing up always having family dogs, my passion for the canine species began at a very young age.  Although I did not realize it at the time, each one of our dogs taught me an endless list of valuable life lessons about love, bonding, companionship, acceptance, respect, tolerance, loyalty and dedication, as well as the pain of losing a devoted family member.  They inspired me to pursue my passion for training dogs.

I began by working with shelter and rescue dogs of all temperaments, ages, and a variety of breeds both mixed and pure.  I developed the skills to help rehabilitate even some ‘unadoptables’ so they became someone’s prized pet.  My experiences gave me the opportunity to explore many training methods, philosophies, and tools.

To further fulfill my dream of working with dogs, I went to school earning certification as a Professional Dog Trainer, then continued my education and obtained certification as a Master Dog Trainer.

I now keep expanding my knowledge and advancing my skills through attending many seminars and workshops given by top trainers.  

I also participate in competitive obedience and rally obedience with both my canine companions.  Here training for precision is necessary to achieve a qualifying score three separate times to earn one obedience title.  

I had also enjoyed agility training with my rescue Sheltie before he injured his back, and plan to participate again with my young German Shepherd that I currently train in Schutzhund (now called IPO).

To broaden my knowledge even further I went to work for an assistance dog organization.  There the training and socialization of the dogs needs to be rock solid for them to reliably perform their duties for others.  Obedience training for these puppies starts at 8 weeks of age, and a few that show promise also receive other advanced skills training this early in life, so I am familiar with training young puppies.  Teaching them to turn on lights, push buttons, hold objects in their mouths, open and close doors, cupboards, and refrigerators is exhilarating.  


I have also recently worked with an organization that trains dogs for PTSD for first responders, preparing them for the public access test so that the dogs can achieve working status.


Just as importantly, the opportunity to work closely with numerous volunteers has strengthened my ability to communicate effectively with both people and dogs.  With 16 plus years experience of working with dogs from all walks of life, I still enjoy every moment of it! 

'Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.' 

~ Corey Ford

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