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Monica & Atticus - Pinchou Kennels

Serena and I met by accident one day at New Brighton Park.  She was training her German Shepherd Kiva and I was walking my new puppy Atticus the Chow Chow.  I was amazed by the level of obedience Kiva and Serena shared and struck up a conversation.  Since then I have been attending Serena's obedience classes for almost two years.

Chow Chows are notoriously a stubborn and disobedient breed of dog which often leads trainers to shy away from the breed.  This was not the case with Serena, she took to Atticus right away finding the things that motivated him and motivating me.  Because of Serena's guidance we have started competitive trials and currently achieved our Novice Rally Obedience title!  Not only did she get me to the point of trialling, she supported me during the trials by coming to watch and by giving extra classes to improve my skills. 

Most people would have told me that I should not bother competing with this breed but Serena is open to everything and believes every dog is capable under the right teaching and training.  The accomplishments and bond I have formed with my dog is still growing and we are still striving to improve daily.  The obedience classes are interesting and every changing, adding new challenges based on handler and dog talents.

I am thankful for meeting her that day in the park and know how she has changed Atticus's and my life for the better.  I am a chow breeder who always brings my dogs to obedience school and K-9 Best Behaviour is by far the best schooling I have been to!  Thanks Serena!!!

It has been a joy to have Serena, Kiva, and Samba be a part of Roo, my rescue dogs’, training. Serena has gone above and beyond helping me understand what works best and Roo and I have come a long way. Roo initially had a lot of fear likely due to his history but now he is loved by all and vise versa. For me, I would never take a rescue dog without having a mentor on the journey due to the unknown part of the dogs’ life. Serena has been our mentor/trainer for over two years and we learned so much and continue to enjoy the process. Roo passed his Canine Good Neighbour test with flying colors and we are now competing in rally obedience trials. Thanks Serena, Kiva and Samba … you’re the best!

Sheila & Roo - Mapleridge

Dan & Patti - Vancouver

I currently own a 18 month old German Shepherd named Viktor. Viktor is our 5th shepherd that my wife and myself have owned. We can clearly state without qualification that Viktor is the first shepherd that we have had who has a future of being under command and control thanks to the dedicated efforts and expertise of Miss Serena Holmberg.

I got Serena's name through a reference when our Viktor was 7 months old. I decided to search out not only a trainer but an individual who has experience in dog behaviour. I did this because my 4th shepherd (Maxine) was attached by another dog and while trying to defend her from being killed lost part of my index finger.

I blamed myself for not having command and control over Maxine as she was off the leash in our back lane and so was the the other dog. Maxine died a few months after this and my wife and children got our current dog Viktor right after. Determined to not repeat past mistakes, I contacted Serena who came to our house to visit Viktor in his home environment. Since that time, we have taken out a lifetime membership in her program. To date, she has exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased with Viktor's progress thanks to her. Serena often brings her sheltie and German shepherd to the classes and works them into the training sessions. They are both extremely well trained and really contribute to the training sessions as role models of discipline and respect.

To date, Viktor is doing great and cries with excitement prior to us going to our training sessions which are usually on Wednesday Evenings or Saturday Mornings. He loves Serena and Kiva. As for myself, I am still a work in process with Serena being on me to have faith and trust in my dog.

Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Serena to any dog owner who is trying to establish command and control.  We value her hard work and dedication and intend to avail ourselves of her classes in the years to come.

Boomer and I started off on the wrong foot, we were not the match made in heaven that I imagined us to be when I brought him home from the shelter. He would ignore me when I talked to him, growl when I went near him when he had a toy or food, and our walks were horrendous. Serena help changed all that with her patient and understanding instruction. I am proud to say that Boomer and I have finally built our relationship with mutual respect. I look forward to years of bonding with my bear of a boy thanks to Serena.

Rick & Boomer - North Vancouver

After a month of adopting Ryder we were contemplating returning him.  As beautiful and sweet as he was, his charades were becoming too much for our family.  Serena came highly recommended to us by a friend so we figured we owed him a chance.  Within weeks to our amazement Ryder made a complete turn around and has earned himself a spot as a valued member of our family!

Adam & Trish - North Vancouver

We needed the know hows after bringing our new 'baby Zoe' into our house and Serena was a wealth of information, all given in plain english.  Everything was fun and encouraging.  We look forward to continue our training with her.

Chris & Lisa - Burnaby

Serena came into our home and put our minds at ease, we were not living with the little devil dog we thought we were.  Progress showed after the first visit, she explained to us patiently how the littlest changes in our daily lives made all the difference in Luna's world.  Now we don't just have a dog but a true family member.  Thank you!

Rob & Liane - Burnaby

We brought Koda into our multiple dog home not expecting kaos but for everyone to live in harmony.  Boy were we in for a rude awakening.  She chased the cats, bullied the other dogs, and blew us off when we reprimanded her.  Serena showed us the error of our ways and put us on the right track.  Her knowledge and understanding taught us how to communicate effectively with Koda, helping us to build a relationship with her.  She no longer blows us off, we can even take her off leash with the other dogs.  and is learning to respect the cat boundaries.  Our home is now 2 cats, a cockatiel, and 3 happy dogs thanks to Serena.

Kyle & Kathleen - Burquitlam

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